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Kraken Charging Hub

-3000W/100A/50A 12V/100Ah

Most fire apparatus are built with low-voltage electrical systems (12V) to power basic equipment (i.e. lights, low power chargers).

As more battery tools are acquired, the apparatus electrical system must be capable of charging tool batteries fast enough to stay fully charged and in service.

Features and Benefits

  • Charging hubs provide continuous onboard ac power, instead of trying to charge everything in the short time the apparatus is plugged into shore power.
  • Battery tool charging hubs help to spread the load of tool charging over time, starting when the depleted battery is placed on its charger.
  • Store energy and take it with you.
  • Charge tool batteries continuously, from inverter and lithium battery bank.
    Dedicate shore power to recharging truck batteries.



CH3K10050-100 Kraken Charging Hub 3000W/100A/50A with 12V/100Ah

Sinewave Inverter / Charger


Output Power (Continuous)

3000 W

Output Power (Peak)

6000 W

Output (Voltage, Frequency)

120 VAC – 60 Hz

Output Current

13.0 A

Output Waveform

True Sine Wave (<3% THD)

Peak efficiency 90%
Charge Voltage Range

13.5 – 14.4 VDC

Float Voltage Range

13.4 – 13.8 VDC

Charger current (Maximum)

100 A

Charger current setting (Manuals / Auto)

5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 100

Weight [lbs] 75
Dimension hxwxd [in]

19.7 x 11.8 x 9.0

WP-Suntrack DUO 12V / 50A


PV max open circuit voltage (VDC)

14.5 – 50 Vdc

Max PV input power

500W @12V – 750W @24V

Max MPPT current


Dimension hxwxd [in]

9.52 x 6.77 x 2.91



Nominal voltage (V)

12,8 V

Charge cut off voltage

15,6 V

End charge voltage

14,6 VDC +- 0,2 V

Max charge current 1/c

100 A

Max float charge current


Dimonsions w x d x h (in)

12 x 6 x 8

Smart Shunt


Supply voltage range

7..70V dc

Supply current (@ 12V / 24V / 48V )

10mA / 6mA / 5mA

Input voltage range main battery (+B1)

7..70V dc1)

Input voltage range second and third battery (+B2, +B3)

1..70V dc

Input current range

-600..+600 A2)

Battery capacity range

10..10000 Ah

Shunt dimensions:

4 x 4

9 in

2.5 in

10.2 oz

Display dimensions:

Ø 2.5 in

Ø 2 in

1.4 in

2.4 o