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CASCO Industries becomes exclusive dealer of RAMFAN products in Texas

RAMFAN, the leading brand of portable ventilators for hazardous job sites, announced the recent addition of Casco Industries to its worldwide dealer network. As part of RAMFAN’s ‘Partnership Growth’ strategy—launched in 2021—and in support of the new technology products that are coming into the market now and over the horizon, RAMFAN is establishing exclusive distribution in some regions of North America where a more robust sales and service program is required for best customer satisfaction.

Casco has been in business for over 70 years, is well respected within the industry, and has one of the largest outside sales team across Texas and Louisiana. With five sales offices across their territory, and both in-house and mobile service technicians, they are well positioned to grow RAMFAN’s position in one of the fastest growing regions in the US while delivering the support capabilities that customer’s expect. As part of the partnership, Casco’s team will be trained in the use and deployment of RAMFAN’s new PRO//connect wireless diagnostics and fleet management tools and be outfitted with a demo fleet of the new BrushlessPPV™ range of high-powered electric PPV fans, up to 3 hp and >15,000 cfm.

“Casco brings a long history of sales and dedicated service to the fire service. We are delighted to partner with them in the southwest.” explained Curt Johnson, North American Sales Director for Euramco Group.