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RAMFAN Ventilators:
Protecting and saving lives

Our Products are purpose-built for the toughest job sites,
with a mission to control the flow of air for survivability and controllability.

About Our Company

RAMFAN is the world’s leading brand of portable ventilation equipment for the world’s toughest job sites. Equipment designed to keep you safe, advance your capabilities, and last as long as you do.

RAMFAN is a brand of Euramco Group, a company that has been around for more than 30 years. RAMFAN ventilation products have been on the cutting edge in the industrial, fire and marine industries. Each and every one of our smoke ejectors, PPV fans, blowers and accessories represents the finest technology available, and is constructed to demanding and exact specifications for quality, performance and reliability.

The quality systems of this facility have been registered by UL to the ISO 9001 standards since 2004. With twelve consecutive audits successfully completed since, our team has evolved into a well-tuned machine where continuous product and process improvement, throughout all of our global locations, are embedded in our operational culture.

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