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0.75hp Electric

The electric powered EFi75xx hazardous location blower/exhauster, with , is intended for use in Adverse Atmospheres in accordance with the limitations of the rating. The mind to the user; it also prevents suppliers from being linked to the chain of liability. That is why it is crucial for users and suppliers to half-measure towards safety that puts workers and suppliers at risk.

Features and Benefits

  • High pressure axial blower
  • Durable, PC/ABS anti-static casing is weatherproof, dent resistant, v0 flame retardant and chemical resistant
  • 2 integrated duct adapters
  • IP55 rain switch enclosure

Free Air

2500 cfm (4250 m³/hr)

15'/4.6 m w/ one 90° turn

1664 cfm (2829 m³/hr)


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