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AMCA Verified Airflow in DC Power Supply for Battery-Powered Fans

We at Euramco Group constantly strive to build the best, most durable, high-performance ventilators for our customer’s specialty applications.

In the fire market, the advent of battery-powered PPV fans has certainly disrupted the industry in many ways. New technologies have shifted engineering focus and supply chains. Simplicity of operation has led to the increase in ventilation operations at many fire departments worldwide due to the simple fact that a battery fan is just easier to setup and operate. Sales methods have changed little, with many manufacturers in the industry continuing to peddle their largely fabricated, non-standardized airflow volumes to their customers.

AMCA is only third-party (i.e. trustworthy) laboratory and standards organization in the world with an airflow standard, ACMA 240-15, which standardizes a method to test PPV fans in a close representation of actual application–including fan airflow and entrainment it creates, flowing through a structure.

In a new evolution of airflow testing, we have teamed up with AMCA to test and publish #PPV airflow numbers in both AC and DC power configurations. Until now, all of the airflow values you have compared are based on AC input–which, in our opinion, is completely meaningless if you have chosen to budget as much as you have for a battery fan for, we assume, to use on battery (DC) power–not plugged in.

What you may not know is that AC and DC power is processed through separate electronic circuits in each fan, where the AC power supply is sometimes >20% more powerful than the DC, depending on the manufacturer.

For this reason, we have begun publishing AMCA-certified airflow ratings of our battery fans on both AC and DC power to give our customers an honest comparison point.

Suggestion: specify only DC airflow performance so you know what to expect when beginning tactical venting ops.

Follow this link to see our new, updated AMCA airflow ratings for the RAMFAN EX50Li battery fan.

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