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Next Generation GX350 PPV Fan, Now with Negative Tilt



Product: GX350 PPV Fan: GH5020


RAMFAN has upgraded their flagship PPV gas fan with several new features to provide increased frame durability, functionality with added negative frame tilt and adapters for using foam and ducting systems. The product engineering team takes input from firefighting end-users and dealers in producing product enhancements, that increase the mission effectiveness of using ventilation tactics on the fire scene.



The GX350 is a high performance of a large structure ventilator in a compact frame to fit typical engine compartments. Equipped with 2nd Generation PowerSteam® air straighteners that produce a powerful, straight, focused beam of air; allowing the fan to be set back further from a structure’s entrance without sacrificing PPV performance. The GX350 offers superior ventilation with less equipment clutter and reduced noise inside the structure. The PowerStream FlowPathTM penetrates deeper through the structure than traditional cone of air.

GX350 Gas Powered PPV Fan


New Negative Tilt Functionality – Provides additional capabilities for ventilation tactics that require downward positioning of airflow.

Affected Products: 
GX350 PPV Ventilator GH5005 is discontinued and replaced with GH5020


Identification of Models:

New model: GX350 GH5020

In production and available for shipment as of this publication

Additional Information:
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