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UB20 In-Line Heating System

Designed for Emergency Shelters

Works on standard 120V circuit!

RAMFAN’s UB20 In-Line Heater system is a propane, indirect- fried portable heating system to provide safe, warm air
into emergency shelters and confined spaces. The heater’s stainless steel heat-exchanger ensures the supplied air is
not contaminated with fuel or exhaust from combustion. It is compatible with common propane tanks; a standard 20lb tank can provide up to 10 hours of continuous heating.

System Includes:

  • HA01 Portable Heater
  • Quick-Couple Canister with Duct (choose 15’ of 25’ length)
  • High-flow Regulator assembly to connect to propane tank.

Compatible with:

  • UB20 Confined Space Ventilator (ED7002 or ED8002)
  • Quick-Couple Duct Canister (ED7004CS or ED7004CL)
  • Flexible Duct (FDT-0815BR or FDT-0825BR)
  • Common Propane Cylinders (per ANSI/NFPA 58-1986)

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 × 22 × 13.75 in

#ED7125-HT, UB20 In-Line Heater System For Emergency Tent/Shelter Heating, #HA01-100HT, UB20 In-Line Heater System – Confined Space Heating – 15 ft canister, #HA01-125HT, UB20 In-Line Heater System – Confined Space Heating – 25 ft canister

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