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Zero Downtime Package


As the fire service continues to adopt battery-powered equipment in the form of flashlights, radios, and now rescue tools and fans, departments must follow recommended manufacture procedures to charge/maintain these batteries so that the equipment is “always ready”.

Today’s most modern fire fighting equipment is almost exclusively powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. Properly charging a Lithium-Ion battery takes approximately 4 hours, from 0% – 100% charge. Many stations will roll on a call every hour or even more frequently, which does not allow for full charge of batteries, not exactly ideal for a first-responder.

RAMFAN’s Zero Downtime package was developed in cooperation with firefighting professionals to provide the maximum “In-Service” performance needed for any mission. Swappable battery packs will deliver “always ready” fans for your team. A well spec’d apparatus electrical system to run a DC battery charger, will maximize the onboard capability, which is extremely valuable for departments with high call frequency.


A fire department in the SE United States decided to standardize on RAMFAN EX50Li battery-powered fans, installing one on every ladder truck. They selected the EL5500-2PK 18” fan with two batteries. Truck compartments were outfitted with AC outlets so that the fans could be plugged into the outlets in the compartment and would charge off of the truck’s shore power when in station.

A short time after deploying the fans on the trucks they came to realize that there rigs didn’t spend enough time in the stations between calls for the fan’s onboard chargers to fully charge the batteries. They were constantly having fans out-of-service, due to low power or dead batteries. Their problem was quickly remedied by adding a pair of additional batteries and a compartment-mounted DC battery charger to each truck, giving them the ability to have two fully charged batteries on the fan at all times while the other two batteries were on the external charger waiting to be used.