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The High-Performance, Cordless PPV Fan

Zero Downtime with the High-Performance, Cordless PPV Fan from RAMFAN

The latest technology integrated into this all-purpose ventilator with swappable batteries. Use for PPV, Smoke Ejector, Confined Space Rescue or as a Relay Fan. Starts instantly on battery power and lasts 45 minutes on max speed or hours on low speed to keep air moving. Equipped with 2nd Generation PowerStream air straighteners for more powerful flowpath control and a more flexible setback range during PPV operations. Integrated LED scene lights for ventilating during night ops. A durable frame built with aircraft grade, lightweight aluminum.

Stay Unplugged, Indefinitely! Swappable battery packs with enhanced IP66 water jet protection to protect against the inevitable sweep of the fire hose. The ability to have extra packs ready to go removes the limitations of other battery fan concepts, leading towards full corded fan replacement on the fire ground.

Customize your fan kit for your response area.

Extra battery packs will give you that extra runtime without using a generator and eliminate worries of future serviceability and upgrades. An integrated rehab mister will deliver micro droplets for lowering body temperatures back into safe range after hard structural or wildland operations. The new wheel kit with hard-anodized telescoping handle make this already lightweight fan even easier to maneuver single-handed. Or just the base fan for now and upgrade later when budgets permit.

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