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Education by RAMFAN

Euramco Group and RAMFAN Introduce: Education by RAMFAN

Ventilation in firefighting is a very important and effective tactic. Euramco Group is launching an educational program called, “Education by RAMFAN.” This program will help to facilitate knowledge specifically about ventilation tactics and new technology through an operational manual and field guides.

Operational Ventilation by Ronan Vinay is a manual dedicated to different types of ventilation used in, not only firefighting, but with the US Navy, workers in confined spaces, hazardous locations, and more. Operational Ventilation is an easy-to-read guide consisting of over 150 pages of different ventilation tactics comprised of professional firefighters, renowned fire specialists, and Ronan Vinay himself. Vinay discusses many techniques to use ventilation fans as a tactic to keep atmospheres safe of toxic smoke and gasses in critical missions.

The field guide, “Objectives of Ventilation,” is a go-to guide for ventilation practices. It’s an easy-to-access booklet that will assist in emergency services when ventilation is needed, which is portable and water-resistant.

Vinay has studied and practiced ventilation in firefighting for 26 years. Through his extensive experience, he has acquired knowledge of the most efficient ways to use ventilation to help facilitate the diffusion of toxic fumes from enclosed spaces.

Operational Ventilation and “Objectives of Ventilation” will be available for purchase at FDIC International 2019. It will be available at the RAMFAN booth, #3121 and #3017.

About Euramco Group

For more than 30 years, Euramco Group with its brand RAMFAN has served customers in the production of safety equipment used in some of the most dangerous environments on earth.

You will find our equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres where flammable gases, vapors, mists, and dust exist. Firefighters, using the latest ventilation techniques, deploy our fans to safely control the Flow PathTMand eject smoke from buildings. Our products used in confined spaces, which, by design, have limited openings for entry and exit with unfavorable natural ventilation that could potentially contain or produce dangerous air contaminants.

Through many generations, Euramco Group has collected endless knowledge — knowledge that firefighters and many companies in some of the most dangerous of industries around the world trust and rely on even with their lives.

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