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1.5hp Electric PPV

EX500/520 is equipped with PowerSteam® air straighteners that produce a powerful, straight, focused beam of air, allowing the fan to be set back further from a structure’s entrance without sacrificing PPV performance.

Features and Benefits

  • 2nd Generation PowerStream® Air Straighteners

  • IntelliSense™ water-resistant variable speed controls deliver continuous airflow adjustment from zero to maximum speed

  • Dual Current toggle switch to power the fan from a GFCI 20A fire truck circuit or 15A house circuit or 2kW generator

  • Full-width retractable handle for up right, push/pull operation and compact storage when down

  • 0-20° tilt adjustment for precise positioning

  • WIDE-Trac semi-pneumatic urethane tires easily roll over mud or rough terrain

  • Optional Integrated Mister


11,540 cfm (19,618 m³/hr)


13,354 cfm (22,702 m³/hr)