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Education by RAMFAN

Euramco Group and RAMFAN Introduce: Education by RAMFAN Ventilation in firefighting is a very important and effective tactic. Euramco Group is launching an educational program called, “Education by RAMFAN.” This program will help to facilitate knowledge specifically about ventilation tactics and new technology through an operational manual and field guides. Operational Ventilation by Ronan Vinay is […]

The Importance of Air Change and How to Find It

Confined spaces by their very meaning solicit thoughts of small, uncomfortable, and untenable space. Ventilation is a must no matter the situation. According to Koester (2018) “out of 670 confined space deaths” 373 were atmospheric in nature and 0% were ventilated (para 3). Whether you’re ventilating to clear a hazardous atmospheric condition, make the space […]

PPE for Confined Spaces and Hazardous Locations

Workers in confined spaces always need to be aware of their health. Personal Protective Equipment is (PPE) is essential when entering a confined space. Just the simplest piece of safety gear can save your life. Here’s a list of PPE that workers should always be outfitted in: Head Protection The hard hat is a piece […]

Invisible Hazards in Confined Spaces

There are many elements in a confined space or hazardous location that affect the atmosphere’s safety. To maintain a healthy environment, it is important to recognize how these components can potentially be harmful.  Sufficient oxygen is extremely important to keep any atmosphere healthy — it’s one of the first elements on the periodic table we […]