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  • Why is it critical to specify propose-built battery packs for fire fighting PPV fans?

  • Get the most out of your battery packs with this Li-ion battery management system

    This wireless app system helps departments understand batteries better, use them smarter, and dispose of them safely RAMFAN By Robert Avsec for FireRescue1 BrandFocus Fire departments are always looking for power equipment that’s lighter, takes up less compartment space on its fire apparatus and more ergonomic (i.e., less of a physiological stress on the firefighter […]

  • Fully Charged

    Battery power comes to the Fire Service, but gaps still exist on the way to full adoption. For the better part of a decade, we’ve all become acutely aware that CO-emissions have been linked to increasing cancer rates among first responders. The combination of this realization and the advance of energy storage into the realm […]

  • Next Generation GX350 PPV Fan, Now with Negative Tilt

    PRODUCT NEWS   Product: GX350 PPV Fan: GH5020   RAMFAN has upgraded their flagship PPV gas fan with several new features to provide increased frame durability, functionality with added negative frame tilt and adapters for using foam and ducting systems. The product engineering team takes input from firefighting end-users and dealers in producing product enhancements, […]

  • Why can’t rescue tool battery packs be used on a PPV fan?

    When you peel back the obviously cool, headlining design features of IP67/68 ratings for immersion in water, you find that the two leading brands of rescue tools in the world both use similar battery pack design—electrically speaking. With nominal voltages of 25.2 VDC—or 28 VDC fully charged—both battery packs are built with a similar 7S […]

  • How to Calculate Battery Power Tool Run Times – Understanding what’s inside a battery

    Power = Watts Higher voltage means more power, right? Not quite… Power is measured in watts (W), and watts are calculated by multiplying voltage (V) by the current (amps, A). It’s possible to get the same power, for example, from an 18V battery and a 54V battery—but the 54V pack will do it with 2/3 […]

  • BATTERY COMPATABILITY: Why is it critical to specify purpose-built battery packs for firefighting PPV fans?

    Since we launched the original RAMFAN EX50Li in 2017, we’ve been writing a story that has never been written before in the firefighting industry. From a clean sheet design, we mapped out what basic requirements would be necessary to integrate into our fan design. Some were easy: Compact dimensions, lightweight, 15+ year useful life as […]

  • AMCA Verified Airflow in DC Power Supply for Battery-Powered Fans

    AMCA Verified Airflow in DC Power Supply for Battery-Powered Fans

    We at Euramco Group constantly strive to build the best, most durable, high-performance ventilators for our customer’s specialty applications. In the fire market, the advent of battery-powered PPV fans has certainly disrupted the industry in many ways. New technologies have shifted engineering focus and supply chains. Simplicity of operation has led to the increase in […]

  • Wolf Safety Named Exclusive UK Distributor for Euramco Group

    Wolf Safety Named Exclusive UK Distributor for Euramco Group

    Euramco Group and Wolf Safety Announce Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Partner Success San Diego, CA — Euramco Group has appointed Wolf Safety Lamp Company (Wolf), the UK’s leading manufacturer of portable and temporary hazardous area lighting, as exclusive distributor of RAMFAN™ brand hazardous location portable ventilators throughout the United Kingdom. Since 1912, Wolf Safety Lamp […]

  • Take a Look at the EX50Li from FDIC 2018

    Take a Look at the EX50Li from FDIC 2018 Last year, at FDIC, RAMFAN showed the EX50Li and its wheel kit—a ventilation fan with swappable Li-ion battery packs PLUS an easy-to-use wheel-kit to help make tough situations easier for the user. What will RAMFAN impress us with this year? You can find us at booths, #3121 and #3017 at FDIC International 2019 to […]