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  • Why can’t rescue tool battery packs be used on a PPV fan?

    When you peel back the obviously cool, headlining design features of IP67/68 ratings for immersion in water, you find that the two leading brands of rescue tools in the world both use similar battery pack design—electrically speaking. With nominal voltages of 25.2 VDC—or 28 VDC fully charged—both battery packs are built with a similar 7S […]

  • How to Calculate Battery Power Tool Run Times – Understanding what’s inside a battery

    Power = Watts Higher voltage means more power, right? Not quite… Power is measured in watts (W), and watts are calculated by multiplying voltage (V) by the current (amps, A). It’s possible to get the same power, for example, from an 18V battery and a 54V battery—but the 54V pack will do it with 2/3 […]

  • Education by RAMFAN

    Education by RAMFAN

    Euramco Group and RAMFAN Introduce: Education by RAMFAN Ventilation in firefighting is a very important and effective tactic. Euramco Group is launching an educational program called, “Education by RAMFAN.” This program will help to facilitate knowledge specifically about ventilation tactics and new technology through an operational manual and field guides. Operational Ventilation by Ronan Vinay is […]

  • American Airlines Fuel Tank Maintenance

    American Airlines Fuel Tank Maintenance

    The Challenge: Protect maintenance personnel from the hazardous environment of the airplane fuel tank entry and improve turnaround time efficiency of the fleet. Existing ventilation products did not perform at levels to optimize turnaround schedules. Background A large percentage of the work involved in proper inspecting and maintaining aircraft fuel tanks and their associated systems must […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Lithium-ion Batteries

    The Pros and Cons of Lithium-ion Batteries

    The Lithium-ion battery is one of the most efficient batteries in the world. Many of the products we have come to rely on use Li-ion batteries. From our smartphones to our laptops to even industrial power tools, the Li-ion battery allows these products and more to last longer. It is important to educate ourselves about these […]

  • The New Explosion Proof Aviation Maintenance Kit

    The New Explosion Proof Aviation Maintenance Kit

      RAMFAN’s new explosion proof aviation fuel tank maintenance kit is being used to service an American Airlines Boeing 777 at their Dallas, Texas maintenance hanger.

  • Confined Space: The Rescue

    Confined Space: The Rescue

    Fire departments across the nation are now providing an all-hazards response capability. This all-hazard scope of services typically includes some type of technical rescue delivery. One of the most common technical rescues is confined space rescue. Confined space rescue is a high-risk low-frequency event. These events can challenge the most experience fire and rescue, professionals. […]