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Next Generation GX350 PPV Fan, Now with Negative Tilt

PRODUCT NEWS   Product: GX350 PPV Fan: GH5020   RAMFAN has upgraded their flagship PPV gas fan with several new features to provide increased frame durability, functionality with added negative frame tilt and adapters for using foam and ducting systems. The product engineering team takes input from firefighting end-users and dealers in producing product enhancements, […]

ECX Extension Cord – ATEX/IECX Certified Power Cables

Product: ECX Series Power Cables   The ATEX/IECEx certified ECX Series Power Cords from Euramco Group are designed to take a beating. Rated for Extra Hard Usage, the highly flexible H07RN-F cables are extremely high on impact, cutting, abrasion, oils, and most industrial chemicals. Their flexible jackets allow for easy installation and routing of the […]

High performance and Durable Handle for EX150Li

Euramco Group constantly strives to build the finest quality, most durable, high-performance ventilators for our customer extreme demands. Purpose built for firefighters RAMFAN EX150Li battery-powered fans, have an integrated handle providing superior mobility, comfort and reliability which is designed for heavy use on rough terrain. The fan and handle are designed and rigorously tested to […]

Why can’t rescue tool battery packs be used on a PPV fan?

When you peel back the obviously cool, headlining design features of IP67/68 ratings for immersion in water, you find that the two leading brands of rescue tools in the world both use similar battery pack design—electrically speaking. With nominal voltages of 25.2 VDC—or 28 VDC fully charged—both battery packs are built with a similar 7S […]

Zero Downtime Package

ALWAYS READY As the fire service continues to adopt battery-powered equipment in the form of flashlights, radios, and now rescue tools and fans, departments must follow recommended manufacture procedures to charge/maintain these batteries so that the equipment is “always ready”. Today’s most modern fire fighting equipment is almost exclusively powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. Properly charging […]

Take a Look at the EX50Li from FDIC 2018 Last year, at FDIC, RAMFAN showed the EX50Li and its wheel kit—a ventilation fan with swappable Li-ion battery packs PLUS an easy-to-use wheel-kit to help make tough situations easier for the user. What will RAMFAN impress us with this year? You can find us at booths, #3121 and #3017 at FDIC International 2019 to […]

Education by RAMFAN

Euramco Group and RAMFAN Introduce: Education by RAMFAN Ventilation in firefighting is a very important and effective tactic. Euramco Group is launching an educational program called, “Education by RAMFAN.” This program will help to facilitate knowledge specifically about ventilation tactics and new technology through an operational manual and field guides. Operational Ventilation by Ronan Vinay is […]